Thursday, 10 March 2011


This is further development of my idea. Its for the Digital Arts Festival coming to Lincoln. The idea is that since its a digital festival it makes sense to have a digital guide for it right? its an app which you've probably seen before, when the scan button is pressed it reads QR barcodes.

These QR barcodes will be stickers located next to exhibition pieces and the barcodes open the browser to go to a website designed for mobile phones. The page respective of the barcode lists information on this piece and a little for the artist as well including potential details for prospective clients etc.

Hopefully there will be signs around the entry points of the festival in which people can visit my site and download the app so that they can find out more about exhibitions and artists and feel more interaction with the festival.

Currently the app is only for android but hopefully if the project gets the go ahead then it will be made for iphones too, maybe even blackberry if I can work that out... but the website works across all smartphones.

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