Saturday, 8 May 2010

Everyone stop what you are doing! I have a very important announcement. Cannonbaaaaallllllll

More pics after the jump

The project is no longer top secret! In the post production process at the minute, camping out in front of megan's imac. Editing from friday afternoon right until monday morning. Had loads of fun filming in the pool but was hard work, trying to stay still and under the water for long enough while trying to film and treading water for an hour diving every couple of minutes and trying to keep the green screen still because we couldn't weight it. Trying to key it out now, will post the end result when our short film is done..

Our motherload of equipment, Nikon D90 and D80, Lomography Camera, two underwater film cameras, underwater housing, some tripods, 4m green screen and a Panasonic HDC200

Steve in a wet-suit.. cheers for doing it!

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