Friday, 11 December 2009

Talking faces

I was set a brief to create a human interface, I wanted
to make it seem real as if you were really talking to someone else
on the internet. It's quite clunky and has a weird reverb that
I cant get rid of and it's really crude and only half finished.
But you get the gist! The target audience is kids and it's focusing
on what details you should never give away etc. I know that kids talk
to strangers on the internet even know its drummed into them not to,
so I wanted to create something to shock so that it would hopefully
get the point across.
Interaction after the jump.

You need a microphone for this
To start the girl talking to you say hi into the microphone.
You need to talk quite loud for it register you.
Take it seriously and it will work better!
You also need headphones to stop the crazy reverb.
Click here for the larger version [more atmospheric]

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