Friday, 15 January 2010


Me and three others were set a brief last year, to create a 'zine' around the word lincoln. This is what we came up with and it ended up evolving into a book.

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The 'zine' was to be based around the word Lincoln, so we decided to include something in the zine that everyone in Lincoln doesn't already know, there's already enough cheesy travel guides. Our idea was to show the other side of the city, not the nicer side but nonetheless it is still there. It was named Gloryhole because of thats where our idea began, the Gloryhole is situated under a bridge in town and where homeless people usually beg.

We went on from just Lincoln to explore identity, and so the zine is made up of various interviews we carefully chose. We also captured the interviewee with a lomography camera to give a face to the words. What started as a light hearted zine quickly took on a deeper and darker meaning. It surprised us to hear what Trevor (who is homeless) opened up to us, and saddening to the point we had to exclude a fair amount from the interviews. This is probably the only project I've collaborated on where everyone including myself was happy with the final product.

Each zine comes in a newspaper cover, which is intended to cover its identity and we wanted a low production look true to it. There is about 70 left for sale, only £3 and an extra £1.50 for postage.

Every zine has a different design on it, no single zine is the same. Contact me if you wish to order one, my e-mail is

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